Experience the transformation of wellness in Fiji.

Our busy world is sapping our very life energy -- the essence that makes us vibrant, creative and happy. Always plugged in. Always on. Always on the move. It's too much. And the cost is that we are less centered, less wise and less connected. A rejuvenating wellness retreat in Fiji connects you to the grounded magic of these ancient islands.

Here we welcome you home, to a place where our soaring ceilings crafted of indigenous hardwoods soothe your soul, where your bonds with loved ones are renewed, and where the tropical breezes and majesty of nature inspire you to breathe freely again.

Experience timeless presence, the superfoods of our edible landscape, play time and the power of the aquatic for optimal well being. If you’re truly keen for an immersion in wellness, consider one of our Stillness Retreats.

man reading in hammock

Rediscover a sense of wonder

Luxuriate in the infinity pool perched above the rain tree canopy with spectacular views of Savusavu Bay. Choose a book from our eclectic library for extreme hammocking. Or pull a game from our games cabinet.

Hike the property, harvesting bananas, papayas and passion fruit. Wander into the veggie garden and invite our dogs to go with you. Discover creative nooks for journaling or writing poetry, like our tucked-away fairy tree house.

Reconnect to your unhurried self, and your innate curiosity, gratitude and openness, which some say is the secret to anti-aging.

hibiscus pathway

A Quick Look

Included experiences:

  • Infinity pool
  • Yoga gear
  • Kayaks and snorkeling
  • Hiking
  • Playing field and sports equipment
  • Bocce ball, croquet and volleyball
  • Trampoline, rope swings
  • Eco-farm tending and harvesting
  • Library and hammocks
  • Indoor games
  • Creative nooks

Popular add-on experiences, at the villa:

  • Massages
  • Boat hire for fishing and bay excursions

Local excursions:

  • Savusavu market tour
  • Waterfall hike and village trip
  • KokoMana chocolate farm tour
  • Blue Lagoon saltwater float
  • Squash or golf
  • J. Hunter Pearls pearl farm tour

Luxury Diving:

Day-long excursions:

  • Taveuni day trip
  • Ancient petroglyphs
passionfruit vine

A Heart-Centered Culture

Savusavu is affectionately called Fiji's "hidden paradise" and is located in pristine northern Fiji where you will find an authentic and peaceful Fiji experience. So many of our guests enjoy a trip to a Fijian village, which we highly recommend. Fijians keep life simple and there is much to be learned from the ways they cultivate joy by being present. 

At Nadamole, stroll through the village and then picnic at the edge of their healing pool, fed from natural springs. At Naidi, be greeted by noble warriors and welcomed for a traditional meke --  time-honored dances, songs and chanting that pass on the history of these beautiful people.

savusavu fiji waterfall
woman meditating

Yoga and Massage

Welcome the sunrise with meditative yoga. We provide mats, blocks, blankets and straps. Truly, there is no more inspiring place to revive and get into your yoga groove than the native vesi decks of Tavola Villa overlooking Savusavu Bay.

Located amidst the sheltering branches of an enormous rain tree is our massage cabana. It’s an inspired place to journal, or indulge in a relaxation or deep tissue massage with indigenous nut oils, and combine with extra healing treatments such as reflexology or cranial sacral massage.

Forest Hikes

Renew in the sacred cathedrals of our tropical jungles. The practice of forest bathing fine-tunes the health of the entire body. As you meander through ancient forests, you immerse yourself in an air bath of natural biochemicals released as a fine aerosol mist. As you breathe in deeply, those organic compounds settle in the lungs where the deep tissue absorbs nature’s medicines. Emerge with a sense of contentment, serenity and balance.

Star Gazing

The stars of the Southern Sky are awe-inspiring. With no light pollution, the entire cosmos is on display, from the Milky Way to distant galaxies. Each evening Venus is the first to appear, just as the sun sets and the moon rises. Curl up in a hammock to watch the show, or enjoy a nightcap with friends as you tell tales of constellations and ancient mariners.

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