Weave a tapestry of memories in your own castaway playground.

You’ll find so many ways to enjoy your island days at Tavola.

Northern Fiji, and specifically the island of Vanua Levu, is an outdoor adventurer's paradise. Our town Savusavu is affectionately known as the "Hidden Paradise" throughout all of Fiji because it boasts an impressive array of bucket list experiences.

At Tavola Villa, we curate unique Fiji experiences for our guests to immerse you in the heart-centered culture of Fiji. This is more than an island holiday. It's an unforgettable beachfront sanctuary, designed to offer an authentic Fiji experience. Tavola Villa is remote yet accessible, perfect for guests who value privacy and want to cocoon together, then venture out for special excursions.

Discover the many activities you will enjoy at Tavola Villa, like yoga, kayaking and snorkeling at our protected marine reserve in Savusavu Bay. Then find things to do in Savusavu Town, including waterfall hikes and world-class scuba diving.


kayaking in Fiji


Because Tavola is located on the water, you have your own kayak. Go out at dawn and be lulled to daybreak by the gentle current on Savusavu Bay. Glide over coral reefs as you row to nearby Split Rock for a snorkeling trip. Swim with colorful fish in the afternoon sun.

yoga classes in Fiji


Welcome the sunrise with meditative yoga. Enjoy movement supported by mats, blocks, blankets and straps. Stream video classes with top instructors. Feel uplifted as you practice on our native vesi decks, above the rain tree canopy that overlooks Savusavu Bay.

unique Fiji experience at private villa estate


Panoramic views of the Bay are the backdrop to our expansive playing field. Gather to play volleyball, frisbee and footy. Pull out any sports gear on hand, including the bocce ball set, though the coconut version is a favorite! Then toast the setting sun by raising a glass high.

Couple honeymoon in Fiji at a private villa with infinity pool views


Luxuriate in the irresistable infinity pool at the heart of the villa. Indulge in a dip whenever the water sparkles, and return on a warm night for a splash under the stars. Watch the tides rise and fall from the pool's edge. Or lounge nearby in a hammock and swing with the breezes.

Fiji organic garden for cuisine at private villa


Hike the estate and harvest native superfoods for your cuisine. Begin your morning with banana, papaya, pineapple and passionfruit, all picked from our organic garden. Wander down the path to find ripe avocado, green onion and lemongrass. Fresh herbs are just a stroll away.

a couple snorkeling in Fiji


The shore of Savusavu Bay is your front yard. Tote your snorkeling gear down to the beach and wade into cool waters. Colorful corals abound, from our beach to the protected reserve Split Rock. Motor out in our captained longboat to phenomenal reefs by the lighthouse.

Taveuni Fiji waterfall hike


Renew in the sacred cathedrals of our tropical jungles. Forest bathing fine-tunes the health of the entire body. Meander through ancient forests and immerse yourself in an air bath of natural biochemicals released as a fine aerosol mist. As you breathe in deeply, organic compounds settle in the lungs where the deep tissue absorbs nature’s medicines. Emerge with a sense of contentment, serenity and balance.

fun Fiji island experiences


Remember your childhood when the made-up games were the most fun? On our beach, we draw lily pads in the sand and then gleefully leap-frog from one to the next. At Tavola, the front drive doubles as an impromptu hop scotch. And a rope swing beckons the child within. Get creative by concocting scavenger hunts with island treasures, followed by relay races and prizes for all. This is your playground.

star gazing Fiji night sky


The stars of the Southern Sky are awe-inspiring. With no light pollution, the entire cosmos is on display, from the Milky Way to distant galaxies. Watch as Venus is the first to appear every evening, just as the sun sets and the moon rises. Curl up in a hammock to watch the show, or enjoy a nightcap with friends as you tell tales of constellations and ancient mariners.

island interior library design with shells


Turn the pages of a book from our eclectic library, pull out a board game or discover creative nooks for journaling. Welcome home, to your private villa where soaring ceilings crafted of indigenous hardwoods soothe your soul, where your bonds with loved ones are renewed, and the tropical breezes and majesty of nature inspire you to breathe freely again.

Fiji captained boat trip
captained boat fishing trip Fiji
Fiji culture
fishing trips Fiji


private fishing trip Fiji Savusavu


Take our 7 meter skiff out whenever you want with Captain Jack at the helm. He'll show you Fiji's best sport fishing, guiding you to deep waters where marlin, sailfish, yellowfin tuna, wahoo and mahi mahi await. Around the reefs, the GT’s, dogtooth tuna, and of course walu (Spanish Mackerel) are spying your line to take a run. Bring home your catch of the day and enjoy a mouth-watering sea-to-table meal.

traditional Fiji massage


Indulge in a relaxation or deep tissue massage with indigenous nut oils, and combine with extra healing treatments such as reflexology or cranial sacral massage. Choose to luxuriate amidst the sheltering branches of an enormous rain tree. Or opt for your treatment in-room. Fiji has a way of calming the mind and illuminating the beauty of life itself. Discover the healing mystery of these ancient islands.

guests enjoy cuisine by private chef at Tavola Villa


An acoustic performer strums soulful tones on his guitar as your private chef places the first of three courses in front of you. Choose from a variety of cuisines, including Fijian, Indian and American fares. As the setting sun casts its warm glow across the table, somebody recalls a moment from their day that they'll never forget. Memories are made. Ask about our local band!

Fiji waterfall pools Savusavu


A babbling creek runs along the perimeter of Tavola. Hike up the creek a ways, and you’ll discover four shy waterfalls. A more accessible cascade is nearby Vuadomo, which is an easy walk from a lovely village and cascades into a serene wading pool. Or, channel your hiking mojo and venture to Waisali Falls where you’ll be rewarded with another gorgeous natural swimming pool, all for you.

Fiji kava ceremony


The kava plant has been at the heart of Fiji's community and traditions for millennia. It is a symbol of respect and honor to celebrate a momentous occasion by presenting kava. During cocktail hour, sit cross-legged on a beautiful mat woven by the women of a nearby village. Partake in a ritual as old as the islands themselves and allow our Tavola family to welcome you to this special place.

Fiji catamaran day trip


Embark on a day trip atop a glistening 44 foot catamaran. The picnic is packed and an open bar with wine and beer welcomes you aboard the sleek vessel. As you set out with the wind in your hair, a sand bar in Savusavu Bay is your final destination. There you'll play, swim, laugh and admire the remarkable mountain views back on our shores.

luxury scuba diving in fiji coral reef


Northern Fiji is lauded worldwide for its extraordinary coral reefs and exceptional diving. Cousteau Resort, just a walk from Tavola, offers luxury diving and a wide range of PADI certification courses, as well as equipment rentals. Their top-notch dive team guides novices and experts alike through the wonders of our marine ecosystems, whether exploring the coral heads of Namena Marine Reserve or cruising the walls and canyons of Shark Alley.

Fiji meke dance


Vanua Levu offers authentic unique Fiji experiences. Fijians keep life simple and there is much to be learned from the ways they cultivate joy by being present. At Nadamole Village, stroll through the village and then picnic at the edge of their healing pool, fed from natural springs. At Naidi Village, be greeted by noble warriors and welcomed for a traditional meke time-honored dances, songs and chanting that pass on the oral history of these beautiful people.

Natewa Bay sand bar is a unique Fiji experience


Spectacular Natewa Bay is the largest bay in the South Pacific, pristine and empty of vessels given its shifting reefs. Cavort among glowing coral gardens and breaching whales, curious dolphins, leaping manta rays or serene sharks. Ocean Ventures offers eco-expertise, outstanding snorkeling and scuba diving, a sought-after reef ecology PADI specialty course and plenty of sandbar shenanigans. Learn about coral conservation from the team.

Savusavu Farmers Market


For fresh fruit, local vegetables, and village crafts, visit the Savusavu Farmer's market in the center of town. This local market is open every day except Sunday. Visit on Saturday to see the market come alive it's the day when everyone comes to town, and the market is well-stocked and bustling. It’s a wonderful place to meet the farmers who feed our island, discover unique Fijian crops, and get a taste for true island life.

Natewa Bay coral reef


Join Matthew and Sara at Ocean Ventures Fiji for a day of conservation. Learn about the basic biology of corals and their importance, visit a coral nursery, and help to maintain the nurseries in Natewa Bay. Ocean Ventures partners with local village communities to regenerate coral reefs in Fiji and protect healthy underwater ecosystems. See some of the world's most exquisite coral reefs for yourself.

Savusavu Salt Lake River float


More water play is available at Salt Lake, which is connected to the sea by a tidal river. On the incoming tide, enjoy a leisurely float as you drift from the sea to the lake. You’ll want to make every moment stretch and relax along the way. When you arrive at the lake, you’ll spy a pontoon the perfect spot for a tropical picnic delivered to you by boat.

Blue Lagoon picnic in Savusavu


One of our favorite spots is the Blue Lagoon, along the coast of Vanua Levu overlooking the garden island of Taveuni. Legend has it the lagoon was created when a meteor struck, carving out a deep pool surrounded by protective reefs. When the tide goes out, the lagoon is filled with buoyant salt water, making for a lovely float. Toss a frisbee on the beach and enjoy a casual picnic and cold Fiji beers.

unique Fiji experience at KokoMana Cacao Farm


Close by is KokoMana Artisanal Chocolate Farm. Tour the gardens, harvest cacao, and learn about the art of making organic chocolates from tree to bar. Taste exquisite chocolates, refined for exceptional flavor, and pick up several bars to tuck away for the trip home. On our cocktail menu, we’ve concocted the KokoMana Chili Chocolate Martini a perfect way to kick back at the end of the day.

Fiji orange fruit dove


In undisturbed, coastal rainforest, join a 2 day, guided program with conservation enthusiasts to see the native Natewa Silktail, Maroon Shining Parrot and Orange dove which thrive in a rich habitat of fruit and nut trees. See the protected and recently discovered Natewa Swallowtail Butterfly. This forest area is under the communal ownership of surrounding villages. Witness Fiji's remarkable wildlife.

flora tropica botanical gardens in Fiji


Across the road from Tavola, the Flora Tropica botanical gardens of Savusavu occupy a unique niche in Fiji, with a collection of over 250 palm species from across the world, many of them on the critical or endangered lists and some that are already extinct in their natural habitat. Enjoy a fragrant walk through gorgeous, rare plants.

Fiji free diving guided trips


If you’re a meditation fiend and have mastered breath control, you may like to try freediving. Nearby Liquid State Free Diving offers excellent instruction. They’re passionate about sharing the sport and helping people unlock their potential to dive on one breath. And they’re delighted to welcome beginners.

Nakama hot springs in Savusavu Fiji


The hot springs are part of Savusavu’s geothermal heritage: they bubble up from deep within the Earth’s crust at multiple places along the foreshore and at low tide the rising steam is part of the landscape. Their temperature is over 90 degrees Celsius, and in Savusavu’s past there have been eruptions of hot geysers in the bay at other exit spots. You’ll often find locals cooking bundles of dalo or pots of fish.

Fiji island day trips Taveuni


The charming seaside town of Savusavu has so much to offer. Stroll through the market, discovering exotic fruits and ferns. Immerse in natural mud pools. Visit the volcanic hot springs. Enjoy a beer at the marina. Tour the pearl farm, or hike to remote petroglyphs that legend says were created by an advanced race of man who mastered time.

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