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Stillness Meditation: To Infinite Moments Everlasting

What is time? We experience life as a sequence of linear events, but is that all that time is? In this stillness meditation video, created during a Stillness Retreat hosted at Tavola, owner Monica explores the nature of time while channeling insight from the Akashic Records. The Record Keepers describe time as a sense memory and a way to experience the vastness of what is, via infinite moments. They say that time is an acronym – To Infinite Moments Everlasting. Take 5 minutes to relax and watch our stillness meditation film below.


For those interested in attending a Stillness Retreat at Tavola, please visit our retreat website. We are now accepting reservations for 2022.

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records is most succinctly described as the enduring memory of the universe, found in the zero point Akashic field. Memory is perhaps a bit of a misleading word because past, present and future are all simultaneously happening at the zero point. In this case, memory is simply a way of relaying information and stories throughout all points in time.

The Akashic Record Keepers themselves are an energy that anyone can consult for guidance to their questions about life. They are a bit like the librarians of the universe and they have a brilliant sense of humor. They are quite funny at times. When we ask the Record Keepers how they introduce themselves, the response is this:

“We are the keepers of the stars of all information, knowledge and intuitions of eternal and divine truth. We are the keepers of the bright lights, of the ideas, of the sparks, of the imagination. We are the keepers of all potential.”

Akashic Records Keepers
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