Woman enjoying tropical rain while swimming in infinity pool on Bali

Tropical Rain Sounds in the Fiji Jungle & Birds Chirping

The sound of a gentle summer rain fall in Fiji is calm and sweet. At Tavola Villa in Fiji, the birds sing through the showers, calling to one another through the jungle. Here we often let nature provide our playlist and even record these tropical nature sounds to share with our guests so they can enjoy a taste of island peace whether they are near or far. Today we’re sharing a full hour of Fiji jungle rain sounds now on YouTube, in case you enjoy relaxing nature sounds as much as we do.

Play Tropical Rain Sounds for Relaxation and Meditation

Enjoy tropical rain sounds with birds chirping in the lush jungles of Fiji, now live on YouTube. Nature sounds for relaxation and meditation calm you in this serene island environment. Gentle rain falls in the morning and relaxes your mind as you rest. Play our 1 hour white noise rain and bird sounds to support sleep, study and peaceful meditation.

“The benefits of nature sounds to physical and mental health are well-recorded,” writes Claudicet Pena in her article 10 Years of Research Reveals That Listening To Nature Can Improve Your Overall Health. “Studies have linked experiences in nature to have a positive impact on well-being with a measurable decrease in mental stress, an improvement in cognitive performance, and high levels of creativity, as well as improved sleep.”

A professor and her team at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada has conducted a thorough statistical analysis showing that bird sounds help to alleviate stress and emotional irritation. Soothing water sounds are known to amplify uplifting emotions like tranquility, presence and relaxation.

Now, even if you’re working in a busy city or studying in your local coffee shop, the tropical rain sounds of Fiji are available for you. Tap in and play our recording from anywhere.

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