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Curated Music Playlists

Our curated playlists are the soundtrack of island adventures and unforgettable memories. For every time of day, there’s a song to compliment the energy. Enjoy!


A gentle start to a slow morning. These songs harmonize with the sun as it rises over Savusavu Bay, soft bird songs and
the sound of wind rustling through the bamboo.

Play Morninglight on Spotify


Day time is for dancing. Soak in the sunshine with upbeat rhythms that are guaranteed to put you in a playful mood.
Welcome to island life in the “Hidden Paradise.”

Play Sunlight on Spotify


These songs pair best with a vibrant sunset and a cocktail. As the moon rises, take a speaker to the top field or press play
in the kitchen while cooking with loved ones. Savor the moment.

Play Moonlight on Spotify

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